Commercial Decorating

Commercial Painting and Decorating

When you think about it, during the working week, most of us spend more waking hours at our place of work than at home. The surroundings and condition of our place of work can actually have an effect, not only on our mood, but also our productivity. It is little wonder then, that many forward-thinking organisations are now taking this matter very seriously, and employing a commercial painter and decorator to improve the quality of the workplace for their staff.

Whether re-decorating an office in need of a refresh, or decorating new premises before the staff move in, using the services of a professional commercial painter and decorator will ensure a high-quality finish, a great place to work and a happy and productive workforce.

Many Years of Experience

Commercial Decorating

Here at Simon and Dylan Decorating Company, we have many years of experience in decorating and redecorating offices to the very highest of standards. We understand that redecorating a functioning office can cause disruption. Our years of experience and trained tradesmen ensure that the job is done with the minimum amount of lost time, fuss and mess. The only way you would know we have been at all, is by the beautifully decorated offices and the happy staff.

The one thing that we make absolutely sure we get, from each and every office decorating job we do, is a happy customer. We work closely with our customers to ensure the work is done in an orderly and timely manner. Once our tradesmen have finished, they will clean up and hand the office back to the customer, decorated to a highly professional standard, and ready for the staff to move back in.

Our References Matter

Making a decision as to which commercial painter and decorator to choose, can be a bit of a lottery for many organisations, particularly if they haven’t used one before or are looking for a new one. Just taking the word of a professional painter and decorator or being impressed by their professional looking web site, isn’t really enough. To ensure an organisation finds the right company for them, we always recommend they ask for references from previous customers. Here at Simon and Dylan Decorating Company we have a lot of very satisfied customers, many of whom have been happy to provide us with a reference. We are equally happy, in fact proud, to show them to our commercial clients to give them peace of mind and help with their decision-making process.

Simon and Dylan Decorating Company have decorated and redecorated many offices. If you would like to get more information or know more about our customers go to contact us, fill the form in there and we will answer any questions you may have that are not covered here.

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