About Simon & Dylan’s Decorating Company

Simon and Dylan Decorators was started in 1998 after many years decorating in London. We have built up a lot of trust with a very good team who we have been working with for many years.

Opening your home to a painter and decorator company can be daunting. Will they do a good job? Will they leave a mess? Are they trustworthy? Here at Simon and Dylan’s Decorating Company, we pride ourselves on offering a great service at competitive rates. All of our qualified tradesmen provide a professional, friendly service and we will never leave your home until it is spotlessly clean. Remember, the only sign that a painter and decorator company has been, should be a beautifully decorated property, and a happy customer.

What Our Customers Want

Our customers say that what they want most from a painting and decorating company is:

- Reliability
- A professional job
- The job completed in a timely manner
- Courteous service
- A tidy area upon completion

We can provide all of this and more. Our aim is to deliver a professional, problem-free and clean service, with fully satisfied customers. Our reputation depends on it.

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail

At the heart of a great painting and decorating job are preparation and attention to detail. If time and care is not taken at the beginning of any painting and decorating job, at best the finish won’t last long and at worst, it won’t look good at all from day one. Similarly, if attention isn’t given to detail, the finish will always be poor. Here at Simon and Dylan’s Decorating Company, our mantra is “take time at the beginning, save time later”. All of our qualified tradesmen have been trained to be meticulous in their preparation and attention to detail, to ensure the very best, and long-lasting finish.

In all walks of life “cheapest” is rarely “best” and it is even more so when you employ a painter and decorator company. You may save a few pounds initially but the distress and expense that can come from employing unreliable and unqualified tradesmen, can be extensive. Cleaning up after them and in the worst cases having to get somebody else in to put their work right, can be a real headache and bump up your overall costs. At Simon and Dylan’s Decorating Company, we will never claim to be the cheapest. What we can claim, is that our rates are extremely competitive when compared to other professional and reliable painter and decorator companies.

If you’d like a quote, please give us a call on 020 8264 9021 or fill in our Contact Form.